Awesome Code improves your code readability by git push or sending pull requests, with one click or even fully automated.


  • Improve your code quality - Check the layout, lint, style and performance of your code to improve quality.

  • Integrates directly with Github and Bitbucket - Login with GitHub and Bitbucket and instantly enable Awesome Code on your repositories.

  • Analyzes your code after every commit - Check your code and make changes as soon as you push.

  • One commit for one change - Get better git history that one commit contains only one type of change.

  • Highly configurable per project - Enable or disable what configs to check per repo.

  • Push code automatically - Push code change directly or send pull requests by one click or even fully automated.

  • Private code safety - Your private source code will be deleted immediately from our server after analyzing.

  • Save code review time - Auto correct the bad code before it’s sent to code reviewers, saving the team time.


Internally we are using some open source projects to auto correct your code.

  • For Ruby projects we use rubocop and rubocop-rspec.
  • For Javascript projects we use eslint, eslint-plugin-react and eslint-plugin-vue
  • For Css projects we use stylelint.

But why you should use awesomecode.io rather than using these open source projects yourselves, because

  1. We take care of the dependencies, you don’t need to install rubocop, eslint or stylelint in your project, we help you upgrade the dependencies to the latest versions.
  2. We take care of the configurations, you don’t need to set up the configurations in your repository, we provide you a web UI to easily change the configurations.
  3. We take care of the checking and fixing, you don’t need to run the tools by yourselves, we will run it automatically every time you push a git commit.