Create Project

Organization is used to manage your projects, teams and subscription. Awesome Code will create a default organization when you sign up, you can create any organization by clicking “New Project” button.


Choose Your SCM github or bitbucket.

projects_management 2

Fill in the project clone url then click “Connect” button.

projects_management 3

Now you project is already connected to Awesome Code, you just need to push a commit to trigger build on Awesome Code or click “Trigger Now” to trigger with an empty commit.

projects_management 4

Delete Project

On project page, click “Project Settings” link.

projects_management 5

In the Danger Zone, press “Delete this repository” link.

projects_management 6

Then you need to type the name of the repository to confirm deletion.

projects management 7

Transfer Project

In the project settings page, click “Transfer project to another organization” clink.

projects_management 8

Then select to which organization you want to transfer the project.

projects management 9